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To app or not to app?

How to use the best mobile marketing strategies

It’s all about apps these days. Every company is looking at this market more and more and things seem to be heating up pretty quickly in the mobile app industry. Most companies are developing apps, but they don’t realise that is not just about the app itself, an app marketing strategy is necessary to actually get the app noticed.

The current strategy is to pay Facebook for installs, that is to put money on Facebook ads and expect people to notice the app on their timeline. This strategy that is hard to measure, because most people will look for apps in the app stores, or better yet, they will rely on the recommendation of friends, so Facebook most of the time will not be as effective as other means.

Ad networks are also another strategy to get more installs, though the cost per install (CPI), in most of these networks is growing exponentially. So, if you are in the game industry, for instance, you will be paying around 7+ dollars per install. If that is more than what you expect the customer to pay inside your app, that is just bad business. So if profit is the main focus of an app, what you must look for when using this strategy, is look for the lowest CPI for your industry and try and get it to be lower than your customer lifetime value (LTV). That is LVT > CAC.

A newer strategy that is starting to make a lot of sense for the app startups and apps in general is ASO (App Store Optimization), that is to actually optimize your app for the app stores. Every store has different variables that you need to be aware of, in order to get your app noticed, it is not just about features and it is not just about design, it is so much more. If you optimize your app, you can get up to 60% more downloads than the average app. If you are curious about some of the techniques, follow this link (

If you have any doubts about the best strategies to use on the app stores, please write on the comments and I’ll reply.

ludmila veloso

Ludmila Veloso

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Ludmilla Veloso is Eyso‘s cofounder, a company that focus on organic user acquisition, and an experienced web marketing and mobile marketing professsional. With more than 7 years in the marketing industry.


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